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How to choose toys for your kid? Woodmam

1. The assembly parts of toys should be secure
Toy parts and small attached objects, such as magnets, buttons, etc., need to pay attention to whether they are firm, easy to loosen or be pulled out will easily cause danger. Dr. Pao has seen children with steering wheels of cars in their noses, BBs in their ears, and small springs stuck in their tracheas. Every time these discoveries are made, it takes my breath away! So the parts on the toy to avoid the child accidentally swallowing or accidentally plugging. Then if the toy with a rope, is not more than 20 centimeters, so as to avoid the danger of children wrapped around the neck. Finally, of course, we must pay attention to the toy body having no sharp edges, to ensure that children are not cut when operating.

2. Electric-powered toys need to ensure insulation and flame resistance
Power-driven toys are the installation of batteries or toys containing motors, if the insulation is not done, may lead to leakage, there is a suspicion of electrocution, or even because of a short circuit and burning explosion, so for the safety of children, the flammability of toys also need to consider.

3. Watch out for heavy metals, plasticizers, or other toxic substances in toys
Generally recognized safety toys will be measured lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, selenium, chromium, antimony, barium, and other eight heavy metals dissolved concentration, in accordance with the provisions of the maximum allowable concentration of heavy metals, can not exceed. The common bath with plastic toys and plasticizers contained in the concentration is also standard. Because children play with toys will not use their hands to play, but "hand and mouth with"! Therefore, toys above or inside the substance may be accidentally ingested into the body, further causing poisoning or long-term exposure to these environmental hormones and affecting growth and development. 4.

4. Buy toys with the "Product Safety Label"
After understanding the characteristics of safe toys, how should parents choose toys for their children? The first step is, of course, to buy toys with a "product safety label" attached. In terms of domestic standards, qualified products must have the "Swallowtail Mark" of the Commodity Inspection Bureau. The most common safety toy labels are the "ST Safety Toy Mark" and the "CE Safety Toy Mark". The ST safety toy mark is issued by the Taiwan Toy and Children's Products Research and Development Center, which means Safe Toy. When purchasing toys with the ST Safe Toy Mark, in case of injury, you can receive compensation in accordance with the standards set by the ST Safe Toy Mark. The CE Safe Toy Mark is issued by Taiwan Verification Consulting Co., Ltd. and can be considered internationally recognized.

5. Read the product information in detail
After confirming that the toy has a safety label, then pay attention to whether the packaging is labeled in Chinese in detail, and read the product age, precautions, warnings and instructions for use, and other labeling content in detail, the most important is to choose age-appropriate toys for children to use, if the child is not suitable for their age to use toys, in addition to possible disinterest, may also be too young in the operation of unnecessary injuries The most important thing is to choose age-appropriate toys for children to use.
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