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What toys can help babies develop intelligenceⅡ-Woodmam

0-2 months

During this period of time, the baby is curious about the world, vision is also developing, newborns can see 20cm things, will move, can make sounds, focus on choosing different colors and can make pleasant sound toys, exercise baby's vision, hearing, attention.
Recommended musical bed bells, small rattles, and other toys.

3-5 months

This period can be said to be the rapid development of a baby's vision, the body's limbs also rested, but also learned to eat hands, and the desire to touch. In the 0-2 months on the basis of the focus on the exercise of the baby's sense of touch toys.

Recommended fitness frame, hanging rattles, play blankets, and other toys.

6-9 months

During this period the baby will sit, and crawl, and the ability to move increases. Can dominate their own limbs well. At the same time, there is some understanding of the concept of space like playing with some bottles and jars, then meeting the baby's curiosity, and paying attention to the baby's safety.
In the 3-5 months on the basis of focus on the choice of exercise baby limb mobility and attention toys.

Recommend toys that do not fall, soft blocks, and balls.

10-12 months

During this period, the baby's small muscle groups and fine motor development are very fast, body coordination is quite good, and the toy will become pickier and pickier, and more like to play with their own interest toys. In the 6-9 months on the basis of the focus on the exercise of baby's hand-eye ability and language vocal toys.

Recommend educational building blocks, toys with pull cords, storytelling robots, and other toys.
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