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What toys can help babies develop intelligenceⅢ-Woodmam

Selection Notes

Packaging instructions

1, the purchase of toys marked with safety standards GB6675-2003 and the factory name, factory address, age range, and other content. 2, the purchase and use of toys, be sure to carefully read the toy the warning language, can avoid the danger of misuse of toys occur. Such as "non-life-saving supplies, can only be used in shallow water", "not suitable for children under 3 years old", etc. 3, complex toys, such as children's bicycles, walkers, etc., should have detailed methods of use and precautions. 4、Toy roller skates and skateboards should be equipped with warning instructions to remind them of the use of protective devices to be worn. The toy should be equipped with warning instructions to remind the use of protective devices.

Toy appearance

1, pay attention to check whether the toy has sharp edges or sharp corners and whether it is easy to cut (stab) children's skin. 2, electric or wind-up and gear toys, pay attention to the gap whether the fingers will be pinched and injured; 3, the toy transmission machine should be closed so that children can not reach, so as not to crush fingers. 4, coated with bright colors of toys, the paint used may contain excessive heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, etc. 5、Riding toys such as bicycles, it is best to try to sit, try to ride, to determine the stability of its center of gravity.

Potential hazards

If the product has small removable parts, they can be swallowed by the child's throat without being crushed, and of course, children may chew the mouth flat and swallow. In addition, some toys have sharp edges or rough texture, and children's tender skin can never withstand such friction, so when you see a wooden or metal toy, touch it carefully before making a decision. Sound toys may cause auditory damage to young children when the noise is too loud, and toys with too long cords may cause the risk of strangulation.

Buy toys online

Check the product authenticity chart and product packaging pictures before purchasing. Many online retailers will ask you to write a message to a friend or family member in the mail. You need to check that the product is correct before you mail it or advise your friends to take care of it. Or, you can go online to the Consumer Association's webpage to see if the items you purchase on the Internet are on the blacklist.
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