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Why do children need toys-Woodmam

The development of the times has changed the environment in which children grow up. In the past, children could have a wide space for activities and could be exposed to more things, and the concept of parents, too, was to let children play by themselves. Now, the economy has developed and life has improved, but the space left for children's activities has also become smaller. This situation is due to changes in people's perceptions of child-rearing, the alienation of human relationships, and changes in the living environment. Toys have become an indispensable "companion" for children in the process of growth.

Children's activity space has changed, and in order to develop children's abilities in various areas, the variety of toys has begun to grow, depending on their function. What is the role of toys for children?
1. Different toys can develop children's different sensory abilities. Used to train the child's sense of sight, hearing, and touch and to enhance the ability of each of their senses.

2. Children are in a period of high physical and mental development, toys can help mobilize children's activity, which is very beneficial to the physical and mental development of children. Toys can promote the child to produce a pleasant emotion, some repetitive movements will not be bored at all, so the child unconsciously moves.

3. Toys are the best training tool to help coordinate your child's physical skills. Hand-eye coordination and hand-foot coordination are all skills that children develop in the process of manipulating tools. Toys are very beneficial to a child's coordination and physical development.

4. Toys can develop the child's cognitive ability. Now many parents, due to many concerns, can not provide too many opportunities for children to contact with nature or cognitive things, then some suitable toys can play some alternative role. Some toy models, and now some toys made with AR technology, can be a good way to promote the child to strengthen their cognition of things.

5. like some puzzle-type toys, you can guide the child's association and develop the child's imagination; toys like Rubik's cube, but also develop the child's logical thinking skills. These toys give children the opportunity to think more, and give children more challenges. Let the child both hands and brain, playable.

The development of the times has made toys gradually become a "good partner" for children to grow up, parents to train their children "good partner". This is not only because of the improvement of economic conditions, and changes in life but also because of the new generation of parents' change in the concept of education. Toys are no longer limited to "play", more often than not, toys have been treated as the child's partner, the child's guide. To prepare toys for children, in addition, to hope that the child plays happy, but also hope that the child can have some gains.

In this fast-paced era, parents are keeping up with the times and the status of toys is increasing day by day. Toys have become very important to children.
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