Why wooden toys are better than other materials-Woodmam

Why wooden toys are better than other materials-Woodmam

Why are wooden toys better than other materials?
You may notice that most Montessori school classrooms and home teaching aids are made of wood, and you will rarely see plastic.

1. Wooden toys promote sensory exploration
Wood provides valuable information for your young child.
Unlike plastic, which can be touched and cooled in the air, plastic can maintain roughly the same temperature. The density of an object, its feel and weight also vary with the size of the object.
Thus, children will feel this change in a tactile way and understand what it means to become larger in volume and heavier as they explore toys of varying shapes and sizes.
Playing with wooden toys has a lot of sensory value, and this information will add to their developmental experience as they explore the world around them.

2. Wooden toys come from natural materials

They allow children to maintain a connection with the natural world that is lasting and consistent.
Building this relationship will stimulate their creativity and ground them in history and innovation, as all inventions ultimately come from the earth.

3. Wooden toys are very durable

Many of the toys in Montessori classrooms are and have been built to last.
Children's learning is also designed for repetition and deep exploration.
It is important and necessary for toys to be able to withstand much play. Birch wood, in particular, is particularly hard and fine-grained. It is likely to last for many years and many children will not crumble or break.

4. Wooden toys for the environment
Dr. Montessori had a great respect for the earth.
Her selection of teaching aids for children of all ages reflects this sentiment.
Because wood is more durable, it can have an overall less negative impact on the environment.
This is simply because wood lasts longer and will biodegrade when wooden toys do end up in landfills.

5. Wood is a natural substance with no health concerns

A good wooden toy will use a varnish that is water-based and non-toxic, thus having a neutral effect on your child's health.
When toys are made of very hard wood (such as Birchwood), they are less likely to break or crack. This means children don't have to worry about getting hurt.
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