Winding beads-Woodmam

Winding beads-Woodmam

Beads suitable for how big baby play Beads are divided into two kinds, so different beads are suitable for different ages of baby play.

1, One is suitable for small babies' bead winding frame class, children within 3 years old, more suitable for bead frame, by moving the beads, understand the object movement trajectory, space displacement, and other concepts, while the maze-like track, play very exploratory.

2, One is suitable for slightly older children to bead threading class, more than 3 years old, suitable for free threading bead toys, through their own DIY, the scattered beads into a variety of jewelry, a variety of shapes, creativity is full.

What are the benefits of baby playing bead winding

1, Cognitive color and quantity It has a colorful and bright bead-winding track, a bead-winding track with bright beads hanging in the sea, you find the red track is which? How many yellow beads? Children can play in the subtle cognition of color and quantity and so on.

2, Spatial concept, hand fine motor baby's small hands in the orbit around the beaded shuttle, grasp a small around the bead in the orbit constantly forward, this process can not only form the baby on the "up" "down" "turn "spatial concept can also exercise the small hands of fine manipulation.
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