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Wooden toys maintenance skills-Woodmam

Many of the children's toys are made of wood, and there are many wooden toys, especially building blocks, and many parents of educational toys buy them for their children. However, wooden toys cannot be washed with water like different toys. What problems should parents pay attention to in the maintenance of wooden toys? I have summarized some tips on the maintenance of wooden toys for everyone. I hope everyone can learn together.

Wooden toys cleaning can not do

1. Do not wash with water: Due to the material, wooden toys will expand and deform when exposed to water. Not conducive to the baby's future play.

2. Parents will wipe with alcohol and wet wipes when disinfecting toys. But wooden toys are not allowed.

What can you do with cleaning wooden toys?

1. Wipe with a clean cloth: Do not use too much force to avoid wiping off the illustrations on the building blocks.

2. Drying: Wooden building blocks are prone to mold when exposed to moisture, so wooden toys should be placed in a ventilated place immediately after children play. When the sun is good, they should be placed on the balcony to dry well.

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